Edward, Patrick, and Jamie are part of the DMOS core management team. They have all worked with us for some time and they are the bones of the business!

Here they explain in their words why DMOS (our group that encompasses DM Recruitment, Opus Vitae and Simply Interview) are different, why they like working here, and how we look after our prospective candidates.


Jamie – Business Development Manager

“Candidates come to us because we are honest and fair recruitment consultants. Our processes are fully compliant – we will ensure you have the right paperwork in place, fair pay and have all the benefits you are entitled to.

We are always contactable, 24/7, to offer help and guidance.

There are many added benefits when working with us. We do raffle draws to give away tickets to Shrewsbury Town games, Shropshire Oktoberfest, and other events.

Our live feed app allows individuals to view what jobs we have available at the click of a button. And our community pages on social media have live updates.

We have honesty and integrity at the heart of the business. We will always positive and negative feedback (and deal with any issues) to create respect and trust between us and our candidates.”


Patrick – Service Manager

“I enjoy working for DMOS purely due to every day being different. Sometimes it can be extremely stressful, but it is very rewarding when you manage to get the job completed.

The office is like one big family and the atmosphere and working environment is brilliant.

Five words to sum up working with DMOS would be exciting, challenging, loyalty, passion, and family.

It’s great to be able to help people that are struggling to find work into a job that leads up to a full-time role.”


Edward – Facilities and Finance Manager

“We provide access to 24/7 communication as we always have an on-call consultant. This means that candidates can speak to someone in the team at any time, whether they just need a message passing on or if they need some help or advice.

This means they always have a human experience with us, instead of a robot taking a message.

Before you embark on a new role we will check in with you, and then again once you have started. We want to make sure you are happy with the role or if you need anything or have any concerns.

It’s all about being open and honest with our network.”


If you want to find out more about available job roles in the DMOS group, get in touch today.