Our mission at Opus Vitae is to help our candidates find jobs that give them a better work-life balance.

We should all enjoy what we do at work – after all we spend most of our waking hours there!

Your job should be fulfilling, and it should give you the space to have a content personal life too.

For some, flexible working can support a better work-life balance. Whether it is working from home, adapting your hours around other commitments, going part-time or a mixture of all of those things.

Presently, a request for flexible working can only be made after 6 months in a role, but plans have been put forward to give you the right to request flexible working from day one.

Not only that, employers will be obliged to give a reason if they refuse the request, to help create a fairer landscape for employees. They will also have to respond to requests more quickly than the current 3-month window.

This major shake-up should hopefully make flexible working the norm, rather than the exception. Looking back at life before the pandemic, we could never have imagined that remote working could be achievable for so many workers – and look what happened!

Here at Opus Vitae we want to drive the conversation forward with employers, so that more job adverts list the potential flexibility in available roles.

We believe this will make them far more attractive to potential candidates and provide opportunities for a pool of talent that currently have limited options for flexible working.

You can see our available job roles here.